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become a highly paid tattoo artist

First week

Basic safety and hygiene practices:

Overview of the course structure and objectives.

Introduction to tattoo equipment and tools.

Understanding different tattoo machines, inks, and needles.

Demonstration of setting up equipment.

Practice on tattoo machines and grips, red cross bloodborne pathogens tattoo.

Flash Sketching. Tattoo process watching.

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Second week


Tattoo Design and Artistry. Elements of Design:

Exploring Tattoo Styles

Fundamentals of design, including line work, shading, and color.

Discussing different styles of tattoo artistry.

Customizing Tattoos, working with the references. 

Techniques for creating customized designs, flash sketching.

Understanding client preferences and translating them into art

Body composition and structure. Sensitive areas. 

Practical session where students create their own basic tattoo designs.

Feedback and discussion on designs with other students. 

Flash books preparation, different types of flash books, different techniques. 

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Third week


Tattooing Techniques:

Practice and draw on real skin, different tattoo positions. Lightings. 

Practicing on demo skin.

Guidance on proper technique, angles, and pressure.

In-depth look at various tattoo styles (traditional, realism, etc.)

Choosing the right style for different clients.

Advanced Techniques.

Addressing challenges and problem-solving

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Forth week


Working with Clients and SM preparation: 

Communication skills and understanding client expectations.

Managing client consultations.

Business Basics for Tattoo Artists.

Overview of legal and ethical considerations.

Marketing and building a client base. 

Student Tattoo Showcase

Each student showcases their final designs on practice skin.

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January 12 - February 12, 2024

February 14 - March 14, 2024

April 10 - May 10, 2024

2 spots left

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for the practice Tattoo Course

Ninja Cat Tattoo Studio

Gastown, Vancouver, BC


Apply to see available options to start

After submitting the form, Boria will contact you by email for a short interview and discuss the details

You can also text directly to Boria on Instagram or Facebook and ask any questions before registering for the course

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Looking forward to seeing you!

* By submitting the registration form, you agree to the collection, storage, and use of your personal data by the Ninja Cat Tattoo Studio, its contractors, and partners for registration, educational process administration, and other services. The data is confidential. By attending the Introduction Day, you consent to being photographed and filmed and for the use of this content for advertising purposes on the website, social media, and other promotional materials of Ninja Cat Tattoo Studio

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