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Boria is a Lithuanian artist who live in Vancouver, Canada. His eclectic international style is based on relationships with folk and tribal arts and modern tattoo culture. Boria’s art is all about stories, characters and their experiences across the time.






















Boria graduated visual communications and graphic design at the Goren University, Israel.

He pursued a graphic and web designer career for over a decade.
He was a founder and art director of the international Red Designer studio, RDMG and

Fancy colors studio.

As of 2015 Boria is mostly focused on lowbrow and pop surrealism art.
He experiments with different mediums and techniques. His art combines motives from the different cultures he has absorbed during his travels, as well as his additional passions - music and martial arts (aikido). His works are in a wide variety of styles, but recognizable for their motives and characters.
Boria’s paintings were exhibited at:

2015 - Pattern group exhibition (Vancouver)
2016 - RAW artist, group exhibition (Vancouver)
2016 - 2cream2sugar, group exhibition (Vancouver)
2017 - Culture Crawl, group exhibition (Vancouver)
2018 - Bandidas Taqueria, solo exhibition (Vancouver)
2018 - The Drift at Renegade, group exhibition (Vancouver)
2018 - Gallery Party III at Penthouse, group exhibition (Vancouver)
2019 - Kudini Art, 7est 7, group exhibition (Vancouver)

In 2015 Boria started combining his eclectic art with tattoo design.
Currently, Boria focuses on the combinations between tattoo, art, concept, techniques, lines combinations and body composition. 

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